EXOv4 Package


  • Snow Foam Pre-soak to entire exterior to loosen grime and contaminants, followed by pressure wash down.

  • Second Snow foam to entire vehicle to prepare for washing.

  • pH Neutral wash using grit guard 2 bucket system to safely remove dirt.

  • Rims thoroughly cleaned with Iron remover and  gentle woolen tools.

  • Tyres degreased and scrubbed.

  • Mechanical/Chemical decontamination to entire exterior to remove bonded contaminants, leaving paint smooth as glass.

  • Exterior dried using Hi-Tech drying towel

  • Paint undergoes 1-3 Stage machine correction (depending on paint condition) to remove scratches, holograms, etchings, hazing and swirl marks to restore a show-room finish.

  • Windows polished to remove water marks.

  • All surfaces prepared by removing all polishing residue/oils.

  • Exterior plastics, rubbers and tyres are rejuvenated/protected.

  • Gtechniq EXOv4 applied to all painted surfaces for approx 24-48 months of durability.

  • G1 clear vision smart glass applied to front windscreen.



Single stage machine correction & EXOv4

Starting at $650 + GST

Dual stage machine correction & EXOv4

Starting at $800 + GST

Triple stage machine correction & EXOv4

Starting at $950 + GST

Extra's available for your EXOv4 Package.


G1 Clearvision Smart Glass coating over all exterior glass surfaces starting at $100 + GST.


C5  Wheel Armour makes rims easy to maintain, and lasts up to 2 years. Starting at $60 + GST per wheel face or $120 + GST per full wheel (face and inside).