Crystal Serum Ultra Package


  • Snow Foam Pre-soak to entire exterior to loosen grime and contaminants, followed by pressure wash down.

  • Second Snow foam to entire vehicle to prepare for washing.

  • pH Neutral wash using grit guard 2 bucket system to safely remove dirt.

  • Rims thoroughly cleaned with Iron remover and  gentle woolen tools.

  • Tyres degreased and scrubbed.

  • Mechanical/Chemical decontamination to entire exterior to remove bonded contaminants, leaving paint smooth as glass.

  • Exterior dried using Hi-Tech drying towel

  • Paint undergoes 1-3 Stage machine correction (depending on paint condition) to remove scratches, holograms, etchings, hazing and swirl marks to restore a show-room finish.

  • Windows polished to remove water marks.

  • All surfaces prepared by removing all polishing residue/oils.

  • Exterior plastics, rubbers and tyres are rejuvenated/protected.

  • Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra applied to all painted surfaces.

  • G1 clear vision smart glass applied to front windscreen.


Single stage machine correction & Crystal Serum Ultra 

Starting at $1200 + GST

Dual stage machine correction & Crystal Serum Ultra 

Starting at $1350 + GST

Triple stage machine correction & Crystal Serum Ultra 

Starting at $1500 + GST

Extra's available for your Crystal Serum Ultra Package.

EXO ultra durable hydrophobic coating on top of Crystal Serum Light for the definitive hydrophobic finish. Starting at $200 + GST.


C5  Wheel Armour: Makes rims easy to maintain, and lasts up to 2 years. Starting at $60 + GST per wheel face or $120 + GST per full wheel (face and inside).

G1 Clearvision Smart Glass coating over all exterior glass surfaces starting at $100 + GST.

clearvision 2.jpg

*To uphold your Gtechniq guarantee you must visit us once every 12 months during the warranty period so that we can inspect your vehicle's finish and give you advice on the maintenance of your car. This inspection is free of charge and can be arranged at a time convenient to you.

For more info on the 9 year guarantee, click on the DOCX.

*We highly recommend purchasing maintenance products from Gtechniq Australia to care for your coating (if you're not already having your vehicle maintained by us).

*If you're unsure of how to maintain your coated vehicle, ask us about a maintenance workshop. We'll guide you through all the correct techniques to keep your car looking like the day you picked it up!