Marine Detailing

We offer a range of Marine detailing services to assist in preserving the condition of your boat/jetski. We utilise a range of premium marine grade products to protect the gel coat from oxidation and damage from the sun's harmful rays, and all the other elements your boat is exposed to.

Gel Coat Rejuvenation Package


  • Snow Foam Pre-soak to entire exterior of hull to loosen grime and contaminants, followed by high pressure rinse.

  • pH Neutral wash using grit guard 2 bucket system to safely remove dirt and grime off the surface of the hull.

  • Rims of trailer thoroughly cleaned with Iron remover and  gentle woolen tools.

  • Tyres of trailer degreased and scrubbed.

  • Exterior dried using Hi-Tech drying towel.

  • Gel Coat undergoes a single stage machine polish to remove the surface layer of oxidation and scratches.

  • Application of marine grade hydrocarbon infused synthetic coating to the hull for a slick hydrophobic finish.

  • Satin tyre dressing applied to trailer tyres.

  • 2 day turn around.

  • Price starts from $550 + GST.

Interior Rejuventation Package

  • All floor covering components of interior removed and thoroughly cleaned.

  • Interior fibreglass components cleaned.

  • Cockpit cleaned and restored.

  • Vinyl seats scrubbed and cleaned to remove grime, staining and salt build-up.

  • Vinyl seats protected with Vinyl Guard to provide long life protection against UV, mold, suntan lotions, human skin oils and food and beverage stains.

  • Windshield glass cleaned, polished and coated with Flyby Forte windshield coating for improved water fly-off, increasing visibility while operating.

  • 1 day turn around.

  • Price starts from $300 + GST.