Frequently Asked Questions...

General FAQs

Why have my car detailed?

There is a world of a difference between a good wash and having your vehicle professionally detailed. Apart from enhancing your driving experience, good detailing will protect your paintwork from ageing, your interior from fading, and will increase the overall vaule of your investment over time.

How often should I have my vehicle detailed?

It all depends on the type of vehicle, what it's used for, and how often it's driven. But as a general guideline, we recommend a full detail at least once every 8-12 months to preserve its condition. It's a good idea that in between full details (if not regually maintained by yourself), maintanence details are an excellent and cost effective way to keep your vehicle in prime condition.

What's the best way to maintain my vehicle after it's been detailed?

First and foremost, we recommend using quality products from a reputible brand to wash/clean your vehicle. We sell a selection of detergents, wash mitts, drying towels and protection solutions that are gentle and safe on your vehicle. Secondly, safe washing techniques should be used to minimise the risk of scratching your paint. This can be achieved using the 2 bucket wash/rinse method and a 3rd bucket for rims alone. A drying towel should be used instead of a chamois. For the interior, regular vacuuming should be performed, as well as regular dusting. We do not recommend the use of automatic car washes as the chemicals used at these facilities strip the car of any sealants/protection and can cause plastics to fade.

Do we have credit card facilities?

Yes, we accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Before getting my vehicle detailed should I remove my belongings?

Yes, please remove all your belongings in areas which we are going to service. Please note we will not clean inside the centre colsole or glove box if there are personal items contained inside these areas.

How can I tell if my car needs to be waxed or polished?

Here are two tests you can use to evaluate the paint condition: After washing and drying the car, run your hand lightly along the upper surfaces of the car. The surfaces should feel very smooth. If you detect rough spots or feel drag, the car needs a wax. Spray water on the car. If tight beads appear this means that the paint has the proper amount of protection. If the beads are loose, there is not enough protection on the car, if there are no beads, there is no protection on the car and a sealant should be applied immediately.

Can scratches be removed from my paint without my vehicle having to be repainted?

Light surface scratches can be removed by compounding/isolating the surface of the affected area. We are fully trained and experienced in this process. If scratches have gone completely thought the clear coat, then the vehicle will unfortunately have to be repainted.

How safe is it to machine polish my car?

In the hands of a professional, machine polishing is safe for your car. Our polishing machines are light enough not to burn or damage the paintwork but heavy enough to lift out swirl marks and imperfections. This allows the paint to be left with a deep glossy showroom finish. Our buffing machines are the top recommended brands in the detailing industry.

How long in advance do I need to schedule my appointment?

Depending on what service you're looking for, we generally recommend booking 1-2 weeks in advance. Please see our instant booking page for basic services, or fill out a form on the "request booking" page for more thorough services.

Can I claim detailing on my leasing account?

Yes, absolutely. Most leasing companies will reimburse the amount to you after paying for the service. Every company is different, so please check with yours before going ahead with the detailing. It's a great way to use excess credit on your account if you have it sitting there.

Ceramic Coating FAQs

What is a ceramic coating?

It’s an excellent investment to permanently protect the exterior of your vehicle from deteriorating prematurely and to maintain a higher resale value. Less maintenance due to the slickness of the coating won’t allow dirt, brake dust and road tar to stick to your paint, wheels or glass nearly as much making cleaning your vehicle a much more enjoyable and effortless process. Not to mention you will see ultimate gloss and colour depth not comparable to anything else. Properly maintained vehicles will shine like new for many years to come.

How is the coating applied?

Coatings are carefully applied as a liquid one panel at a time covering the exterior painted surfaces. The paintwork is firstly decontaminated and prepared to ensure the coating achieves a good bond to the paintwork.

Are ceramic coatings a miracle ‘get and forget’ product?

Absolutely not, despite being very durable they still need maintaining. Beware of the hype that comes with many car treatment systems (ceramic and dealership applied treatments) that promise ‘no polishing’ and ‘lifetime protection' with no maintenance as part of the deal. We have worked on countless vehicles with various coating systems applied and have yet to find any that meet the often extravagant claims made by the industry. It is simply not possible to coat a car, then treat it to the occasional wash, and for it to remain glossy and contaminant free several years down the road.

How do our coatings compare against dealership applied paint protection solutions?

Gtechhniq's line of coatings are much more durable in every aspect of protection and visually appear to have a much higher gloss characteristic than dealership applied coatings. The main difference between dealership applied coatings and our coatings is the preparation beforehand. We spend hours decontaminating and refining the paintwork to make sure the coating cures with the strongest bond possible to the paint. It's common practice within dealerships to skip all the preparation steps and go straight to the application stage. This often resuts in poor performance and premature failing of the coating. We also educate all of our clients in the best ways to maintain and care for their coating, and have all the best products available to purchase. Our coatings also have intermittent check-ups to make sure the coating is healthy, whereas dealerships do not offer this service.

How does a ceramic coating work?

Waxes and many paint sealants sit on the applied surface. Ceramic coatings work by bonding a thin layer of product directly to your car’s paintwork creating a new substrate. Once bonded the product is much harder to remove than traditional products and is, therefore, more durable.

How long do I need to leave my vehicle for the ceramic coating application?

In order for us to spend a sufficient amount of time preparing your vehicle’s paint and applying the coating, we will need your vehicle for at least 2 days. Please contact us to determine the exact length of time we will need for your vehicle.