Terms & Conditions



ShinePro Automotive Detailing holds the right that contents published on our website are correct.


By accepting any service through ShinePro Automotive Detailing, the client has understood and accepted the terms and conditions through this website. 



Appointment arrangements can be made between the client and ShinePro Automotive Detailing over the phone, email, in person or online. Our team will reply to the booking within a short period of time. Prices will be discussed over the phone or email, or will be estimated on our instant booking service. 



Payment for all services must be paid on completion of work carried out prior to the operator leaving the job, or paid by the due date if given an invoice. We accept Cash, Bank Transfer, EFTPOS, Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard). 


The client must pay the full amount stated on the invoice issued within the payment terms stated on the invoice. Upon signing or providing the pin on credit card/EFTPOS transactions or payment of the invoice, the client has agreed that the service has been provided to the client's full satisfaction.



ShinePro Automotive Detailing will not accept any liability for any losses or damage to any personal property or belongings contained inside of the vehicle.


We will not remove, move, or replace any type of child seat or restraint system. We ask that our customers remove child seats and booster seats before they arrive. Should the child seat be left in the vehicle, we will do our best to clean around the car seat but can’t promise a complete clean of the area underneath the child seat.


ShinePro Automotive Detailing is liable for any physical damage done to the customer’s property such as structural damage, that may have occurred while operating a motor vehicle on the property. We have insurance to cover these types of incidents.

While we aim to use environmentally friendly products/chemicals, ShinePro Automotive Detailing uses a triple interceptor to ensure that all chemicals are disposed of properly and are not entering the storm drainage system.


ShinePro Automotive Detailing has sole discretion in determining the liability of any damage that the customer claims to have occurred while work was performed on the vehicle such as scratches, scuffs, dents or swirl marks, as they may have been there prior to work commencing when the vehicle was dirty and they could not be seen. Dirt can hide swirl marks, scratches, dents, paint chips, fine lines and marks. Should a ShinePro Automotive Detailing representative find any exterior imperfections, we will make you aware of them, but ShinePro Automotive Detailing will not be responsible for correcting these pre-existing paint imperfections if your service does not include it. ShinePro Automotive Detailing will not be held responsible should we find pre-existing paint imperfections during our normal course of detailing that you were not aware of.

It’s in the best interest of the customer to identify areas such as electrical parts and special engine compartments where water should not be used before ShinePro Automotive Detailing commences work. ShinePro Automotive Detailing will not take any responsibility of any damage caused to any electrical parts or special engine compartments, but will always take extra precautions to avoid this from happening.

Once a service is booked through ShinePro Automotive Detailing either directly, in person, over the phone or through this website, the customer understands the services and processes involved and they fully accept our service. ShinePro Automotive Detailing informs their customers of the services and processes involved before commencing work and once again at the time of drop off.


As part of the detailing process, high pressure machines, buffing machines, vacuuming and shampooing machines are used which our jobs cannot be completed without. Once ShinePro Automotive Detailing has finished exterior detailing of the paintwork, the amount of defects remaining on the paint is based on the service booked. ShinePro Automotive Detailing will not be liable for defects remaining if the service performed did not include removal of them.


Once interior detailing is completed, ShinePro Automotive Detailing doesn’t take any responsibility for seats that are still damp, carpets that are still wet or condensation in any electrical or related areas. With engine cleaning, we only do dry cleaning using an air compressor to blow and wipe off dust. No water will be used to clean the engine.


If the client requires the engine to be degreased and high pressure cleaned, then it is required that they give written permission to ShinePro Automotive Detailing as no liability will be taken for any problems arising from this service.    


ShinePro Automotive Detailing has the full right to ask for the vehicle key and hold it until the job is completed and paid for in the full amount. 

ShinePro Automotive Detailing reserves the right to refuse or deny customer demands above and beyond the booked detailing.

ShinePro Automotive Detailing reserves the right to decline a service if the workload for the service is considered to be in excess of that stated by client at time of booking, or will inform the client the service needs to be upgraded accordingly, and notify client of additional service requirements and additional charges if applicable.


Cancellation policy 

Once the booking is completed, the client has accepted the agreed upon price either via phone, email, in person or online. For cancellation, our charges are:

– 48 hours before the due time won’t incur any charges.

– 24 hours before the due time will incur a 20% cancellation fee to the agreed upon price.

– 12 hours before the due time or on the day will incur a 50% cancellation fee to the agreed upon price.

– Same day cancellations/no shows will incur a 80% cancellation fee to the agreed upon price.

Deposits are non-refundable. The appointment must be rescheduled at least 24 hours beforehand to avoid losing that deposit.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can only be used once per vehicle per service.

Gift certificates reflect a cash value.

Additional charges may apply to the redeemer if they choose a package that exceeds the cash value of their gift certificate.

After 12 months of non-use the gift certificate cannot be redeemed.


Professional Service Guaranteed!

ShinePro Automotive Detailing gives customers a Professional Service Guarantee. After the completion of the job, the customer must inspect all work carried out prior to leaving. Any issues that need rectifying must be done before the customer leaves or makes payment.