Personalised Packages

We understand that every client approaches us with different expectations when it comes to caring for their vehicle. This is why we offer personalised packages tailored to each individual and budget to achieve the best outcome and client satisfaction. Our personalised packages can be a once-off detail, right up to a full comprehensive care plan that includes regular maintenance and preservation of their vehicle. 

Individualised Exterior Detailing 

We offer the following exterior detailing services:

  • Paint correction. We've undergone extensive training to ensure we can bring your paint back up to better than new condition. We go further than most, polishing underneath door handles, in between and around emblems, badges and grilles.

  • Glass polishing to remove water spots due to mineral build up which ends up staining the surface. To avoid this happening in the future we can apply a dedicated glass ceramic coating to protect your glass from staining in the future.

  • Wheel care. We specialise in the best of wheel care. From the polishing of surfaces in between spokes, to full wheels-off detailing where the wheels are removed, fully decontaminated, polished and ceramic coated.

  • Ceramic Coatings. Ceramic Coatings are an advanced form of nanotechnology that protect your paintwork in the long term and are a great investment that keeps on giving. There is no need to polish your vehicle for years, which in turn preserves the thickness of your clear coat, and saves you money in the long run.

Individualised Interior Detailing 

We offer the following interior detailing services:

  • Leather protection. It's extremely important to care for your car's leather correctly to avoid premature fading and cracking. We offer leather cleaning/protection services to keep your leather in top condition and can advise you on how to care for it yourself.

  • Upholstery and carpet hot water extraction. Over time fabric upholstery and carpets become soiled with dirt that hides deep within the fibres. With specialised equipment we extract this dirt out with a solution of hot water and shampoo to leave your upholstery and carpets looking, smelling and feeling fresh.

  • Plastic protection. Interior plastics including your door trims, dashboard and other components can fade over time due to UV exposure. We use the highest quality products to care for your interior components that leave them with a matt natural finish.

  • Gloss plastic polishing. Most modern vehicles contain interior components that are made of a high gloss plastic. Over time, these plastics scratch and look dull. We have all the tools to bring these components back to life for a better looking interior. 

  • Instrument cluster plastic cover polishing.  The instrument cluster on your dashboard has a plastic cover protecting it. Over time, this becomes scratched/hazed disrupting the view of your instruments. We use small machine polishers to correct these scratches leaving you with crystal clear vision of your instrument cluster.