Preparing your vehicle for sale...

 A Pre-Sale detail can help you:

  • Increase your asking price.

  • Sell your vehicle faster.

  • Increase online views with professional photos.

Pre-Sale Detail



  • Snow Foam Pre-soak to entire exterior to loosen grime and contaminants, followed by high pressure rinse.

  • PH Neutral wash using grit guard 2 bucket system to safely remove dirt.

  • Rims thoroughly cleaned with Iron remover and  gentle woolen tools.

  • Clay bar decontamination to remove bonded particles.

  • Tyres degreased and scrubbed.

  • Exterior dried using Hi-Tech drying towel.

  • Satin tyre dressing applied to tyres.

  • Exterior plastics restored and protected.

  • Layer of CarPro Reload (6 months durability). Reload will hide imperfections and increase gloss.

  • Door Jambs cleaned.

  • Thorough Vacuum of entire cabin.

  • Interior plastics, gauges, vents, console and air vents cleaned.

  • Leather seats (if applicable) cleaned and restored.

  • Deodorisation of cabin.

  • Windows cleaned inside and out.

  • New Car Smell tree to place in your vehicle.

  • Detailed photos of the Exterior/Interior of your vehicle which can be used for online advertising.

*Small hatch/Small sedan  from $280
*Medium Hatch/Medium Sedan/Small SUV from $300
*Large SUV/4WD from $350

*All prices exclude GST.